JobGo is a digital headhunting platform that directly connects you with the best candidates out there. All you need to do is tell us what kind of position you are looking to fill. We’ll find and present the best matches to you and will only reach out to those candidates that you have approved.

Our digital headhunting solution is able to quickly and cost effectively find and reach candidates for you. Candidates that you would otherwise not have been able to reach. This is how it works:

Create a candidate profile
Of course, before we can start the headhunting process, we need to know what kind of candidate you are looking for.
Start by using the JobGo system to create a job ad or candidate profile that specifies skills and other requirements and we'll start searching right away.
We present candidate suggestions
With JobGo's Headhunting Solutions you can remain involved throughout the entire process.
We present candidate suggestions of the best matches for your candidate search and will contact only those candidates that are approved by you during pre-selection.
Reach out to only the best candidates
After you've decided which candidates you would like to proceed with, we will reach out to the selected candidates to gauge their interest and verify their competencies.
Feel free to pre-select as many candidates as you want without worrying about the costs, JobGo only charges for candidates that are actually introduced to you.
Presentation of interested candidates

In the final step of the digital headhunting process, we present interested candidates to you along with their contact details and competency profiles.
You'll have everything you need to schedule interviews and hire the right candidate for you.